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Top Team

Each spring, at the close of regular season, the District hosts a Top Team Tournament. Each league is invited to send their "top" team for each of the participating divisions from their league to participate. Some leagues, because of the way they are chartered (based on population base) are allowed to send two teams, one American and one National team. This tournament starts at the end of May or early June and lasts about a week. There are 4 divisions of teams that participate: Minor (AAA), Major, Junior, and Senior. Both baseball and softball teams in each division are invited to participate. At the conclusion of the tournament, one team in each division is crowned as the District's "Top" team!

2019 Dates

All Top team Playoffs will be held at South Lake May 20- 25th

Tournament Of Champions

The District offers a tournament for those players who are less likely to be able to make it into the international All Star tournament. To avoid confusion, the district is now calling this a "Tournament of Champions" rather than an "All Star" tournamnet. In the 9/10 International All Star division, the majority of players who play on those teams will be age 10; very few 9-year-olds will actually get to play. So, in order to give those players the all star tournament experience, the district provides a 9-year-old "Tournament of Champions" for those players league-age 9. The "District-only" Tournament of Champions begins toward the end of June and lasts for about a week. Winners do NOT advance to sectional play.

2019 Dates

Host - Dr. Phillips

June 15th-June 20th

International All Stars

The International All Star tournament is a Little League tournament that culminates in the World Series in mid-August. There are 6 divisions each in baseball and softball:

9/10 (also called Minor, for players league-age 9 and/or 10)
10/11 (for players league-age 10 and/or 11)
Little League (also called Major, for players league-age 11 and/or 12)
Junior (mainly players league-age 13 and 14; league-age 12 players who played as a junior during the spring season are also eligible)
Senior (mainly players league-age 15 and 16, but league-age 14 players who played either junior or senior during regular season are also eligible)
Big League (mainly players league-age 17 and 18, but can include league-age 16 players who played either senior or big league during regular season)

The first level of these tournaments is the District level. Each league from within District 14 is allowed to send one team per league, with some leagues chartered as two leagues (American and National) being allowed to send one team per charter. Winners at all levels advance to Sectional Tournaments. Section dates are pre-determined so rain delays and other unforseen circumstances can cause the district to get creative with finishing games in time for section. Section winners advance to State Tournaments. States is the end of the tournament for the 10/11 division and 9/10 softball. The 9/10 baseball division did at one time also end at state, but Little League has recently added an invitational tournament in Virginia for each state winner, where the tournament ends for 9/10 baseball. All other divisions (Little League, Junior, Senior, and Big League) advance from state to Regions, then the Regional winners advance to World Series. The teams at the World Series will include teams from the other regions of the United States (there are 8) as well as teams from other countries (8 international regions). The World Series is the culmination of the international tournament and starts early to mid-August, lasting about a week.

2019 Dates

9/10 All Star - (Host) Dr. Phillips - June 15- June 20, 2019

10/11 All Star - (Host) Winter Garden - June 21st- June 27th

11/12 All Star - (Host) Winter Garden - June 21st - June 27th

13/14 All Star - (Host) Winter Garden - June 21st - June 27th

15/16 - (Host) Dr. Phillips - June 15th - June 20th

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